Looking For A New, Fun & Exiting Workout To Add To Your Current Workout Regime?
Shape & Tone Your Booty, Hips and Thighs With The BBSU Bringin' Booty Back Workout.
Hi, my name is Emily Campbell.

Do you ever just wish that there were workouts you can simply click, download and do that day, either at the gym or at home, without having to buy an entire workout program?

Based on feedback from thousands of ladies from around the world,  today, I bring you that opportunity. 

If you have not heard of my VERY popular and widely successful workout program called the BBSU 42, (Bikini Body Shape Up) then let me shed some light quickly. 
The BBSU42 is a complete 42 day follow along program. It contains multiple different workouts and an outline to follow for the complete 42 days. It's the ULTIMATE package.

But what if you don't want to do a 42 day program. And you only want to find and add certain workouts for variety to your current workout schedule. Well up until NOW, that wasn't possible.

And that is why I have created the BBSU workout collection. Simply select a workout your would like to do, or a muscle group you would like to target. Then WHALLA... 

1: Simply print the workout sheet. 
2: Watch the video demonstrations of all the exercises.
3: Start seeing amazing results. 
What You Need To Know About Bringin' Booty Back Workout.
  • This is a gym based workout and requires certain equipment that is available in 99% of gyms. 
  • Workout length (40-45minutes)
  • This is NOT an entire weekly workout plan. It consists of a carefully construct singular workout designed to target your legs, hips and BOOTY.
  • You might struggle to sit on the toilet seat for 1-2 days post workout :) 
What's Included?
  • Printable Workout Sheet.
  • Video Demonstrations of Each Exercise.
  • PRIVATE Support Community.
(Valued $47) TODAY only $9.95
Grab The Bringin' Booty Back Workout For Only $9.95
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $9.95, you can pick up the Bringin' Booty Back workout. 
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